Hatchery Affiliate Program Tastemaker

Become a Hatchery Tastemaker

Hatchery sees small businesses and brands as people first and foremost, resulting in an authentic relationship of promotion and inspiration. That unique focus on connecting home cooks with passionate artisans has grown a strong community of supporters, and we are looking for more storytellers with the same mindset.

We are looking for you.

Hatchery Affiliate Program Tastemaker

Sign up—it’s quick and easy!

We partner with ShareASale to provide a platform that is easy to navigate for anyone at any level! All you’ve gotta do is sign up.

Hatchery Affiliate Program Tastemaker

Unlock new products and exclusive promotions

We offer access to Tasting Boxes, full-size Marketplace products, monthly updates on our latest promotions, and tips and tricks to boost your sales! And it doesn’t stop there—we also provide custom links, our best performing banners and most popular images to further your success.

Hatchery Affiliate Program Tastemaker

Share our story (and the stories of our makers!)

We strive to inspire our community through our support of passionate makers. It’s about getting back into the heart of the home: the kitchen. Show us how Hatchery fits organically into your cooking routine and you will receive a pretty penny for it!

Hatchery Affiliate Program Tastemaker

Reap the rewards and help us grow!

With every referral you send our way, you will receive a commission. It’s as simple as that! Our platform transfers your earnings seamlessly into your bank account!


Tasting Box Commission: $10 per subscriber (or gift subscription)

Marketplace Product Sale Commission: 15% per order

Standard cookie duration: 45 Days
Opportunity for commission increases for outstanding performance.
Monthly updates on initiatives, promotions, and new sales opportunities!

Jackie Community Manager

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out directly to our Community Manager, Jackie (!
She’s super friendly and is always happy to help!


As hassle-free as the process is, there is still a learning curve! Don’t worry though, we’re here to walk you through it. Below, we’ve covered everything from sign-up to commission tracking and everything in between. Don’t see your question below? Feel free to schedule a call with Jackie (our Community Manager) to learn more!

How do I sign up for ShareASale?

  1. Visit ShareAsale and complete the simple signup steps.
    • If you do not have a website or blog, you can enter your Instagram/facebook URL in the primary affiliate website field
    • You will then choose “NO, THE EMAIL ADDRESS I USE WILL NOT MATCH THE DOMAIN OF THE WEBSITE I ENTERED” if you are signing up with your Instagram/social URL
    • When in doubt, answer “no” to the website-related questions
  2. Once your application is completed, it may take time for your account to be approved (1-2 days), so keep your eye out for emails from ShareASale!
  3. Once you receive your approval email from ShareASale, you will then be able to sign into your ShareASale account with your login credentials to explore the dashboard and familiarize yourself with the platform!

How do I sign up to Hatchery’s Affiliate (Tastemaker) Program?

  1. Once you applied for a ShareASale account and are approved, log into your account. (Already have a ShareASale account? Get started here!)

  2. Navigate to the dashboard and hover your mouse over “MERCHANTS” then click “SEARCH FOR MERCHANTS”

  3. Enter the merchant name “HATCHERY” and click “SEARCH”

  4. Once you find us, click “JOIN PROGRAM”

  5. ShareASale requests that you describe your promotional plan (i.e. Sharing the Hatchery story and products via my blog/website and social media channels). Once you briefly enter your plan, review the program agreement  and then click “Join this Program!”

  6. Finally, wait for your approval email from Jackie, our super friendly Community Manager, who will provide you with everything you need to get started on your success! She will also be your point of contact moving forward!

How do I create custom links to drive readers directly to the product and/or service I am writing about?

1.   Navigate to your dashboard and hover over “LINKS”

2.   You will see a list of options to click; choose “CREATE A CUSTOM LINK”

3.   You will arrive at a page that will allow you to enter in information in the fields.

  1. In the field where it says “MERCHANT FOR THIS LINK”; type in “HATCHERY” (it should auto-populate)

  2. You don’t have to enter information in the “OPTIONAL FIELD”

  3. In the field “DESTINATION URL”, go to the page on the Hatchery website you would like to direct your readers to, copy the URL and paste it into this field.


4.   A page will pop up with your custom link (including your affiliate number), which will allow Shareasale to track all sales generated!

(Reference: Hatchery Youtube- Create custom links)

Does the ShareASale application process take long?

Nope! Once you complete the application (which takes minutes) to become an affiliate through ShareASale, you can expect to receive your approval status in 1-3 days.

How long am I able to receive commission on a particular blog post written about Hatchery?

The perks of becoming an Tastemaker through ShareASale is that you can continue to earn commission from a post as long as the post, links, and banners live within your blog. (Could be 5 days, 5 weeks, or 5 years!)

What happens if someone visits my blog, but doesn’t make a purchase on the Hatchery website for a few days/weeks? Will I still receive a commission?

The affiliate links created in ShareASale and hyperlinked into your blog post includes a tracking cookie, which has a 45-day lifetime. As long as the reader purchases within that time frame, you’ll receive a commision, even in the case they return directly to and do not access the site through your blog/website.

Does Hatchery provide promotional codes for readers to use at checkout?

We do! We love offering deals to your dedicated followers.  Hatchery provides Tastemakers unique discount codes to share with their community to use at checkout on

When and how do I get paid?

ShareASale offers options to receive payments via direct deposit or by check—so that’s up to you! You’ll receive payment on the 20th of each month for the previous month’s commissions if you have a minimum balance of $50 (i.e. you would receive May’s commissions on June 20th). Still curious about payment? Feel free to contact our Community Manager, Jackie ( directly!

Is there an opportunity to receive more than $10 per subscriber conversion?

Yep! Our Tastemaker program works through performance-based incentives. Our top-performing Tastemakers are eligible to receive higher commissions, so the more Hatchery love you spread, the more you’ll get!

What are some tips and tricks for selling the Tasting Box?

  1. Discovery: The Tasting Box program provides subscribers with five brand new, unique ingredients to incorporate into their meals each month. It’s not so much about creating new recipes around them as it is about simply introducing new flavors to whatever you’re already cooking in the kitchen.

  2. Guidance: The Hatchery Tasting Box is for everyone—not just the crazy creative cook or the new gal in the kitchen—so we provide members with as many resources as we possibly can, whether it’s through recipes, suggested pairings, and kitchen tricks to make cooking as easy as possible.

  3. Supporting real people: These aren’t faceless corporations, and they’re not slapping “artisanal” onto their packaging to hop on the hype’s coattails. These are real people with real passion, and that’s what the Tasting Box program supports.

  4. Free shipping: For any orders that include products from that month’s Tasting Box, members receive free shipping.

  5. Community: It’s not just about what Hatchery and their makers have to say, it’s about creating a community of individuals who can communicate via social media to learn new ingredient applications, give tips, and generally support one another.